Self + Co-initated projects

intersecting art, technology, & society.

#MicrobialMeals is a self organised, community for artisanal probiotics.

Say hello to the friendly microorganisms in your kitchen!

Kefir, Jun, Koji, Sauerkraut, Kombucha.


Hosted at:

Care in a Post Industrial Society / Umeå University

Food Production & Economy / Exchange Library, Aarhus

Cooking with Bacteria / Exchange Library, Aarhus

Fermenting with Rescued Foods / Flydende By, Copenhagen

Levande Kultur / Uddebo

Urban Foraging

A knowledge building workshop positing tactics for food accumulation in a sharing economy.


Offered to interaction design students.



Offered to:

Linnaeus University - autumn 2014, 2015

SiDER conference - spring 2016

iSchool Tokyo - spring 2016

Feb - Apr 2016

The Bug Eating Club

The Bug Eating Club Malmö hosted a series of meetings to explore interspecies coexistence through the practice of entomophagy or insect eating. A proposal for a domestic protein farm and plastic composting unit was exhibited.




With architect Cris Argüelles

Co-hosts STPLN & Petra Lilja Design Galleri

Damesalon, KBH

July 2013 – ONGOING


Tapori Tiffins Kitchen Lab


A self-financed initiative to explore social relationships between eaters and food.





Supported in parts by:

Stena Fastigheter Relationsförvaltningen

We Are What We Say We Eat

A collaborative eating event and performance lecture on cooking as a rhetorical activity.



Hosted by:

Hidden Economies – Oct 2014

Cinema Politica – May 2015

Oct 2014 – May 2017


Founded and directed a people's initiative to fight food waste in Malmö.







Miljöanslaget, Malmö Stad 2015

Region Skånes Miljöpris 2015

People & Society, Venture Cup Syd 2015